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Practitioner preforming acupuncture


An ancient healing art where needles are inserted into different "acupoints" on the body. The different points needled work together to create a unified and distinctive message helping the body rebalance where it is needed, remind the body of how it is in its healthy state, and move energy to counteract stagnation and dissipate blockages. 

The needles used are thin one use sterile stainless steel filiform needles


A technique where either glass, silicone or plastic cups are used to create a vacuum so that the cups adhere to the skin with suction. They are either kept stationary, or gently moved using a lubricant. They decompress an area and can help move and release stuck phlegm or tissue as well as increase blood flow to the region.

cupping therapy
practitioner performing moxibustion


The burning of a spongy herb called Artemesia Vulgaris or “moxa” to warm a region, bring energy into the body and/or invigorate the flow of Qi. It is typically done as indirect moxa where the herb is wrapped in paper like a cigar and held close to the skin or on a needle to warm a point. To avoid the smoke that comes with the burning of the herb, moxa tincture or balm can also be applied to the skin and then warmed with a TDP lamp

*** A TDP lamp is an infrared lamp with a mineral plate containing 33 essential minerals. It helps increase microcirculation and loosen tissue.

Gua Sha:

A scraping technique where by gentle scraping is done on an area of the skin with a rounded or smooth edged tool using a liniment or some sort of lubricant. The technique stimulates blood flow and the movement of Qi, releasing pathogens to the exterior of the body as well as softening muscle and connective tissue. This modality is good for colds, fever, muscle pain/tension and stiffness.

guasha tool and healing oil
myofascial soft tissue therapy

Myofascial Therapy/ Soft Tissue Work:

Soft tissue work to release the muscles, tendons and connective tissue. It increases circulation of blood and lymph and creates a state of relaxation. A combination of Chinese Tui Na, Sports and Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial workShiatsu, Thai Massage, Swedish and Reflexology are used. 

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