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     Cosmetic or Aesthetic facial acupuncture is a gentle, non invasive and effective way to minimize the signs of aging without the risk of surgery. It tones the underlying musculature, tightens skin, softens and minimizes wrinkles, boosts collagen and elastin production, increases circulation of blood and lymph and creates an overall more youthful appearance . The added benefit is that the treatments are extremely relaxing.


As with any therapeutic treatment, results can vary from person to person. While there will be some benefit from a single appointment, the recommended initial course of treatment consists of between 10 to 12 sessions. As the results are cumulative, we suggest coming 1-2x per week during this time. After the initial series is complete, we begin to spread the follow up sessions out starting with every second to third week then ultimately to every month or two to maintain the original results.


Each facial is customized for every individuals specific needs to allow for maximum benefit and results. An initial consultation and assessment is done at the first appointment and then a brief reassessment is done at the beginning of subsequent appointments.

Synergy Facial ( Cosmetic Acupuncture & facial cupping): $150

Your journey begins with gentle facial acupressure and massage to awaken the tissue and relax the mind.


A light lifting serum comprised of hyaluronic acid, algae extract and tripeptides is applied to help increase skin elasticity, firmness and suppleness as well as to boost collagen production. If Celluma LED light is being used in your session, this is done after the needling process.


ultra thin facial needles are then strategically placed to target each person's individual desired areas of change. The needles tone the underlying musculature, boost collagen production & soften wrinkle lines.  Sometimes body points are also added to support the underlying system.

***Here you have a choice of drifting away to soothing music as the needles do their magic, or adding on a relaxing hand or foot massage for $45.***

The needles are removed and a light, but powerful moisturizer high in hyaluronic acid, vit. C and skin loving oils is applied to the face and decolletage.


Tiny glass facial cups are then used to lift, tone, move both blood and lymph, soften wrinkles/facial lines and boost collagen production. Depending upon individual issues we sometimes also use a gentle jade Gua Sha tool to promote increased circulation.


We finish with a nourishing moisturizer to revitalize and add deep and penetrating hydration to the tissue.

Radiance facial: (Non needle): $110

The Radiance facial is a wonderful option for those that want the benefits of lifting & toning, boosting collagen production and softening facial lines and wrinkles without the use of the needles. This facial does a much deeper dive with the facial cups, concentrating on detail work that the needles address in the Synergy facial above.


The Radiance begins with calming facial acupressure.


A mixture of organic camellia seed, rosehip, argan and other skin loving oils is applied to the face.

Alternating hot and cold facial stones are used to invigorate the tissue and calm the mind.


Glass facial pump cups are then gently used on the decolletage, neck and face to lift and tone the tissue, increase collagen production, improve blood and lymph movement , plump up the lips and soften wrinkle lines.


A scrumptiously hot towel is then applied to open the pores and wipe away excess oil.


We finish with a light, yet powerful lifting serum and then a finishing moisturizer massaged into the skin.

Vibrance Facial: ( Aesthetic acupuncture only): $100

The Vibrance facial is a great option for those with time constraints or as a “tune up” on occasion once you have gone through a full series.

It begins with a bit of gentle facial acupuressure.

A gentle lifting serum very high in hyaluronic acid,vit.C and algae extract is applied.

Super thin facial needles are strategically placed to tone underlying musculature, boost collagen and plump up wrinkles.

A small amount of body needles are sometimes placed to support the body’s underlying ability to keep muscle tone, create collagen and keep skin plump and moist.


**Here you can either drift off to the relaxing music as the needles do their magic, or add on either a foot or hand massage for $45.


Your journey ends with an application of a weightless moisturizer massaged into the skin.

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