The Integrated Body of Atlanta 

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Therapies:

Initial Visit including consultation and treatment 

( usually 90-100 minutes ) :$90

Return visits

                                    (usually between 60 - 75 minutes: $70

                                     Midweek tune up post return visit

                                     ( usually 35-45 minutes): $30


60 min: $75

90min: $100

Combination Acupuncture and  Massage therapy:

30 min massage & one sided (either face up or face down) acupuncture treatment: $90

                                     45 minute massage & one sided acupuncture treatment: $100

                                                       Prior to your appointment 

It is advisable to have something to eat so that there is enough" fuel in the tank"/energy to move during your session.

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard,  and American Express